Name: Richy Hiruma

Age: 15 Height: 5’4’’ Weight: 129 lbs

Birthday: August 11th 1997

Hair Color: Black   Eye Color: Icy Blue                                                                                                                      Family: Red (Brother)                                                                                                                                               Times lived: 4 (Greece, Rome, Egypt, and then America)                                                                                Species: Mortal/Magician/technical Demigod (Has both parents but was originally brought to life because his soul nearly destroyed the balance between life and death)

Names in:   Greece: -Ancient son of Poseidon -Sea Child

-Blue flame Rome: -Emperor of Shadows -Little Neptune Egypt: -Pup of Anubis -Mutt (Bast only) Powers: [POSEIDON]: -Hydrokinesis -limited Geokinisis

-limited Cryokinisis -Communication with sea creatures and horses [ANUBIS] -Death magic -Death ritual -Summon mummy wrappings [MAGICIAN] -Hieroglyphic spells -limited Duat usage [FROM SOUL] -Pyrokinesis (blue fire) Pets: -Moonlight: Small Pegasus -Freestar: Jackal (shabti)


-Oceantide (Greek Sword) -Tidal Current (Shield) -Lux Mortis (Roman Gladius) -Deadly Arsenal (Egyptian Khopesh)


Richy and his older brother Red


Richy as a demigod


Zeodia Family Branches

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