Welcome to the Rolled a 20: The RPG Corner WikiEdit

This is the Rolled a 20 wiki, where chaos roams and adventure begins! Where your most wonderful dreams and your darkest nightmares come true! Travel to a world of fantasy,nightmare, technology, fairys, robots, aliens,gansters and much more!

Here the present is the past and future!

Dreams are reality!

Chaos is law!

This is Rolled a 20: The RPG Corner!

Please enjoy your stay. Busco will be here shortly to deal with luggage

What can I do in this wonderful amazing place?Edit

Here you will find the different things you can do here on Rolled a 20.

+Add a character to the character you created

-Each character you have must be Labeled by first his/her Game System (D&D, Shadowrun, Maid, Ect.) then his/her name.

-How you set up the page is up to you.You may add backstory, personality, traits, stats, appearence, so long as you add something.

+Create fun pages that do not hinder with anything else on the wiki, and do not just take up space. 

-Each page will have a link to it put in its respective main page. For example, any stories,battles or fun events you recall would go into History, Pictures in the Photo                      ,    album (Hopefully Labeled in a respective folder, example, Jack, Battles, Ect.) Ect.

- Each of these must be Labeled with a name, like, "Train Disaster" And such. Please try to keep events in cronological order.

-Any that do not belong in any I will sort out. Either make a new part for it, or I will put it in Misc.

+Add Player/Your own details in your own page

+Discuss other things you would like to do, or should be added.

+Have fun~




Photo Album

Meet the Players

Map Mania

Monster Madness

Jukebox Corner

Latest activityEdit

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